Summer the Pound Dog


Aug. 94 Just home from the pound. She is just barely bigger than the ball. Aug 94 Not sure what's bigger, the ears or the tounge. Aug 94

I'm a puppy and I love my new home. Early 95

Inquisitive and very cute. Early 95

Did I say REGAL?  Early 95

I'm about 1 year old. May 95

Notice the EYE colors.
One light and one dark.

And the two tone head, split right down the middle.
<---        --->

Yes the Queen rests on her birthday. May 95

Standing Tall, about 2 years old  1996

 She is now looking more like her adult self.

You want me to pose?  2 years old  1996

Summer in her standoffish look. 1996

Pose for a picture?  You bet, as long as you don't us a flash!  '96

Let's end this foolishness and go for a walk!    1996

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