Will The Real Robin E. Ziegler Please Stand Up? 

1971 out 4x4ing in So. California Paintball Championships 82'   We took LAST place. Early flying career, around 91' 1981 GoldWing. Best motercycle I ever had.  Had about 8 mc's over the years.
Left side: England 89'        Right side: Work 88' Gee Bee... Ask any pilot what that is...  1930's Air Racer. No I am NOT Jerry Garcia! Monterey Bay  and  Friend  1990
Mom and Me at Universal Studios in 73'

Cowboys, cowboys and more... Rode that horse for 4 hours in a parade.

Tom and Robin in Chicago...  Well maybe someplace else. 71'

This summer... I colored the hair to look more distinguished.

It started here...

My airport, My flight school


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