A short introduction to the Great Belizean Adventures:

    In 1989 we learned to dive, and a friend mentioned Belize. We had never heard the name before, so we started to read about the country. We were going to go to Belize to dive in November of 1989, but work and such kept us away. In the spring of 1990, while looking though some adventure travel books in a local store, I discovered "The Big Book Of Adventure Travel". It had about 500 interesting trips, plus coupons for 5% off the price of each trip. The Belize Naturalist trip by International Expeditions, caught our eye and we called them. They sent us a ton of information and we were hooked. The going price was $1,795 per person for 11 days and 10 nights. We bought another book, and saved about $180. This we spent on clothes and shoes and walking sticks and a herbal firstaid and travel kit. Then we spent about two weeks breaking everything in. We climbed hills, hiked along the beach, exercised and got the required shots. We read more books on Belize and jungles and hiking and just couldn't contain ourselves waiting for the trip.

    What follows are the words and pictures and thoughts and memories we brought back from three wonderful trips.

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